derekA few weeks ago I was privileged to witness an incredible display of musicianship at the Park West in Chicago with The Derek Trucks Band. I was there with some great friends who I don’t get to see much since I moved to another town with wife and kids.

We had been seeing Derek play his guitar for over 10 years. It was cool to have seen him then – but you really have to see this guy play now. He really has worked to perfect his craft.

For about two hours Derek treated us to cool riffs and incredible solos. We sat around this little table in a booth calling the tunes and shaking our heads in amazement. It was impossible to sit still listening to his incessant grooves. Gets you feeling good – feeling positively alive.

He played some new tunes, some old favorites, and some very welcome surprises. We had the time to review and recall some old memories of past experiences and make some new ones as the music unfolded before our very eyes.

By the end of the show I was finally ok that I had never seen Jimi, Coltrane or SRV play live.

It was so good to be at the show with great friends.

It reaffirmed this simple fact: IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE. This blog will be a collection of the evidence I find that supports this fact.


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  1. Biggest sack in the WAC

    I think we need to throw a 10 year reunion party in honor of the infamous Gangster’s, Golfer’s and Gimp’s party which was the highlight of my last semester at CSU. A personal fav. moment of mine was using a Haig Ultra 5 wood in the middle of the night and launching a beautiful fade down Mountain Avenue. God Bless the castle.

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