Make A Difference

Microlending on Kiva reminds me of the connection between the band and the audience at a live show.

Seeing great musicians make music in front of your eyes and ears is amazing.   What makes live music such a great experience is that you get to participate.   The band and the audience are connected.   Feeding off each other they fire each other up.   The energy coming from the audience pushes the band further to create a greater experience.   Which energizes the crowd even more, and everyone has the night of their lives.

You should join our Kiva Lending Team, right here, because together we can participate in alleviating poverty.

The Kiva website has more information on How Kiva Works too.

And click for the main page for of Its Great To Be Alive Lending Team.

You can also see more about the lending team by going to the post I think I know why you are here.


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