Widespread Panic – New Orleans, LA – 10.29.2000

JBThis Widespread Panic show is now here, on my new blog It’s Great To Be Alive.


6 responses to “Widespread Panic – New Orleans, LA – 10.29.2000

  1. “Nice audience recording” is the understatement of the millennium. Belongs in a museum.

    • I recall driving back from Missoula listening to the majority of this run being amazed by these recordings. This museum piece is very safely enshrined in the Great American Music Archive!

  2. Rest In Peace to my friend, the taper, Mike Remmers.

    Got any pictures from this show?

  3. Love this show. I’ll never forget those Halloween shows. We could count on them each year. Did you have Disc 1 from this????

    1: Sympathy for the Devil > Imitation Leather Shoes, Blight > Sleeping Man, Little Lilly > North, Holden Oversoul > Jam* > Me And The Devil Blues* > Fishwater*

    Are all missing on this file. Sure wish I could hear the rest!

    • I agree you, always a nice surprise at these Halloween shows.

      I do have the first dics, not sure how it didn’t get included. Will get it to you soon.

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