Ryan Bingham w/ Stephane Beaussart – Connolly’s Corner, Paris – 1-2-08

My site has moved to a new location, It’s Great To Be Alive, and that is where you can find this Ryan Bingham with Stephane Beaussart there.


6 responses to “Ryan Bingham w/ Stephane Beaussart – Connolly’s Corner, Paris – 1-2-08

  1. thanks for sharing. great stuff! 🙂

  2. this is wonderful stuff.
    and great sound with a bit of an interesting metallic howl/echo from beaussart’s dobro playing.

    NICE player.

    and bingham’s singing reminds me a bit of jimmy lafave who i also like quite a bit.

    interesting that there’s also a marc ford connection to bingham, since i’ve just recently found few bits of his, starting with his blue floyd project.

    a very talented guy, now that he seems to have licked various ‘problems’ he had while with the b crowes. good for him!


  3. His voice is gritty like Jimmy LaFarve is also a great song writer. Jimmy has some great versions of Dylan tunes.

    Marc Ford has a purity to his guitar tone that is perfect! I like the stuff he did with the Crowes and also Ben Harper. The Ben Harper Live at the Greek DVD has Marc on it which is awsome.

    Did you see these interviews Marc did in Telluirde:

  4. Thanks for the bootleg – Great artwork

    Do you also have the back cover ? ?


  5. Fantastic quality. Thanks for posting this show. Here’s to hoping Bingham continues to develop his considerable musical talent.

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